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How Lasers Can Give You Fresh New Skin

One of the main things that a northshore dermatologist may do for their patients is to help them address concerns about aging. As the skin ages, it will start to show some very noticeable signs of this age. Fine lines are usually the first indicator of age, but as time goes on these lines may develop into full blown wrinkles. Another significant issue for people as they age is often loss of volume. The volume loss occurs due to the fact that the skin produces less collagen over time. Because collagen is the natural substance that plumps up skin and keeps it youthful and hydrated, a lack of collagen can lead to a sunken in look. Other problems that can come with aging may include pronounced scars and paper thin skin. All of these things can be resolved with laser treatments.

The many laser skin treatments that a local dermatologist can do will usually be non invasive. These procedures are typically done in only an hour or less, and the recovery time is normally extremely short. In fact, most people who get a laser treatment are able to go back to their routine right away. Some people even schedule a laser procedure during their lunch break and go right back to work afterwards.

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Lasers can be used to reach the lowest layers of skin. These are the layers of skin where the collagen is actually produced. The lasers trigger the skin to start producing extra collagen, which will in turn make the skin fuller and more youthful looking. Another excellent focus for the laser is acne scars, or scars that are left behind from accidents. Scars on the face are often very resistant to treatment, but lasers can make a huge difference. Since the lasers can remove the damaged layers of skin, the fresh and undamaged skin beneath can be revealed.

Another popular use for the laser is advanced photofacials. These facials, unlike most facials, are able to access the lower layers of tissue to help it lift up and look more youthful. Anyone who wants a “fountain of youth” treatment that does not require surgery may enjoy a laser treatment at the dermatologist.

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